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About the TWISTR IHSAA Sports Ratings

The TWISTR IHSAA Sports Ratings are score-based ratings created for seven IHSAA sports - boys and girls soccer and volleyball in the fall, boys and girls basketball in the winter, and baseball and softball in the spring. The TWISTR ratings are designed specifically for high school sports and are generated to provide an objective view of team strength based on available data.

In season, the TWISTR ratings will generally update on a weekly basis, on Sunday for most weeks. At the start of a new season, the ratings will not update for a few weeks while teams play games and become connected. After a few weeks, the first TWISTR ratings of the season will be released.

TWISTR is an iterative least-squares, score-based ratings system built in the spirit of an Elo model. Team ratings are agnostic to the final result of a game - only the scoring margins are important, as no additional benefit is provided for a win or penalty for a loss. Score tapering and weighting are both included to ensure a team's most competitive games are most influential in the ratings, while screening out instances of clear mismatches and greatly reducing the ratings benefit of running up the score on an opponent.

Each sport includes one page for the All Classes ratings - considered across all classes - as well as individual pages for each enrollment classification. In general, these pages include:

For more information about the TWISTR ratings, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.